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When a user has email and the auto delete voicemail function enabled and another user forwards a voicemail to that user the voicemail gets emailed but not deleted. is this by design?

FreePBX Version:

Almost nothing in Comedian Mail is “by design”. It almost all fails into the category of “by happenstance”.

Anyway to fix this? modify a script to delete a forwarded voicemail once it has been emailed?

Any ideas anyone?

Probably time to submit a feature request. I’m pretty sure it’s happening the way it is because no one has ever noticed. FreePBX does extend many of the capabilities of Comedian Mail, so this might be one that needs adjusted.



`delete` `no` ,  `yes` After an email message notification is sent (which could include the message itself), the message will be deleted. This option is risky, because even though a message was emailed, it is no guarantee that it was received (spam filters seem to love to delete Asterisk voicemail messages). Point being: on a new system, leave this at  `no`  until you are certain that no messages are being lost due to spam filters.

can be in the general but can be overridden per mailbox. It is quite possible though that comedian mail does not do that for a ‘copied’ vmai, so it would do no harm to make sure it is double enabled by adding it to the box of the recipient as wll. Finding the current maintainer of that code might be hard :slight_smile:

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