Voice Mail help

I when I setup the voicemail in freepbx

and setup the Voicemail Password then call the voicemail from my phone I get an error that says:

your call cannot be completed as dialed please check the number and dial again.

Any Ideas Thanks!

to get to voice mail? what type of phone? did you set it up using the endpoint manager?

I use the Cisco SPA 303 IP Phones

check the voicemail module is installed and enabled. Check to see what feature code has been assigned to voicemail.

how are you dialling voicemail? using a button on the phone or dialling the feature code?

On my phone I hit the voicemail button and it try to call my voicemail but I keep getting an error I put 4dig password on my phone the same when I am setting up the ext in freepbx.

I would guess that the button on the phone is not set up correctly.

try dialling *97 on the phone

That work but do you know why the button is not working ?

Maybe I am setting it up on my cisco phone it says Voice Mail Number: do I enter the password or the ext number ?