Voice Mail Administration

Hello guys,

I have a big problem, recently I have updated snom300 voicemail greetings in users voice for approximately 25 phones, now my company wants to keep the standard(build-in) unavailable message. So I had to remove the recorded messages from the phones, when I tried this from FreePBX GUI/Voice Mail Administration, selecting all “unavailable greetings” and deleting from there, it says update completed, but no effects on phones, the greetings are still there. I tried restarting FreePBX services, then later server also.

I don’t know the other way to do this.

Please help.

Hello there,

I don’t understand why you guys don’t prefer to answer our posts. I am waiting for the reply of my post “Voice Mail Administration…”, that I posted yesterday, since then nobody is replying. Dear Please reply with proper solution soon, so that we can solve our problem with the FreePBX.

waiting for the answer


Because you did not give any relevant information. You just said it didn’t work.

Have you looked at a users voice mail directory so you understand where the greeting is stored?

/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail is the beginning

We get hundreds of posts a day. Sometimes things back it to the end of the page. Also subject lines are important “Voice Mail Administration…” isn’t meaningful or helpful.