Voice latency with current trunk provider

Hello guys. I’m trying to figure out if my issue stems from a configuration issue, hardware issue, codec issue, or provider issue. Currently I have my calls going through Flowroute. When I call my self from a hard phone to my cell, I’ve notice about 300ms-500ms (estimated) delay before I hear my voice on the other end.

I decided to sign up with another SIP trunk service ( ClearlyIP) to test this, and the delay is much smaller with that company. Also with the second provider I noticed that outbound calls have a shorter delay than inbound. If I call myself from one ext to another behind the NAT, there is no delay.

Where would I start with diagnosing this problem? I submitted a ticket with Flowroute, but have not had much luck yet. Its hard to have conversations at times. My PBX box is in my office behind my NAT. My internet is 500-800 mb/s. FreePBX

You seem to have isolated it to the provider given that you tried a different entity and the results were better.

A ping (if it’s enabled on the provider’s end) should tell you what the round trip time should be to the upstream SIP servers that your phone system is supposed to be using. That should be an easy way to see if it’s a problem with your internet connection (ie. all servers you test against have a high latency) or just limited to your provider’s servers (only theirs has a long round trip time).

One of the providers (ClearlyIP) won’t respond to the ping. Flowroute seems to work fine. Would I ping to the server I register to or where the RTP traffic flows to and from?

I am with Clearly IP. We explicitly block pings on our whole network. A ping is a useless measurement for a trunking server and creates lots of noise and extra network traffic. Also a ping won’t tell you much as most networks deprioritize ICMP traffic.

I had issues with Flowroute when I signed up with them. I called them and after several troubleshooting (from their end) things are better for couple of years now

Hi Tony, thanks for the response about pings. That totally makes sense. Since you’re with ClearlyIP, why do you think when I call my cell phone from my Yealink phone (through FreePBX) with my ClearlyIP trunk, it is so much more responsive than when I use Flowroute’s trunk? In other words, if I put both phones upto each ear and say a word, I will hear that word on the other end much faster with ClearlyIP than Flowroute. (btw my cell is through Verizon.)

We are just that good at what we do, lol. Just reading a bit. But in all seriousness instead of fighting with a provider trying to fix things move to the provider that it just works on. Plus with our module setup is super easy and you get the extra features for native SMS and all our e911 stuff built in.