Voice IVR - Any new updates or software to use?

I saw some old posts but nothing recent.

Anyway to integrate voice IVR into FReepbx so a caller can say what they want when calling in ?

Currently there’s no support in FreePBX for speech recognition.
However, there’s plenty online posts how to use speech recognition with Asterisk.

P.S. With the new API in FreePBX 15, things might be easier.

I said that before I actually watched this video from @tm1000 at Astricon.
He integrated FreePBX 15 with Amazon Lex. So it’s definitely doable in FreePBX 15.

I did that without our API. Its just to demo what you can do with Asterisk’s ARI and some utilities the FreePBX team wrote to interface with FreePBX


Btw, very cool and informational video! I learned a lot about FreePBX history. Thank you for sharing.

@tm1000 This is exactly what a lot of people are looking for. Is there any chance of getting a walkthrough/tutorial from you on how to set this up? This opens up a massive amount of possibility. You are probably too busy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. :slight_smile:

There’s another talk I did at Astricon where I went through the process of how to do this. I dont have it offhand or know if the talk is online yet or not. I can walk on a tutorial sure. The thing to consider about this is there is a delay as is seen in my demo of it because it has to process out the audio and send it back upstream.


That would be amazing. As a frequent customer of this technology (banks, doctors, etc.) the processing pause is common. For certain workflows (afterhours) its much better than a closed message. :slight_smile:

Was posted today.

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Any chance something like this could being added as a commercial module? Just having the ability to pick up the phone, press a button, and say call so and so would be worth paying for. And if it could utilize the contacts in UCP that would be awesome!!

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Seconded, although just a guide, similar to TTS Engine Custom - Amazon Polly - 24 languages would be phenomenal for helping people get started while the commercial module is built out.



Both of those cost money per channel.

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