Voice issue between avaya and freepbx

We configure sip trunk between FREPBX and avaya and the trunk up and we configure outbound route and everthing work fine but when you call extension number on avaya from extension register on freepbx the call ringing but when there is no voice
I mean i can make call and receive a call but there is no voice just silent

Did you remember to include the Avaya in your local nets, assuming you have to have public addresses configured as well?

No media is generally the result of network problems, particularly bad NAT and firewall configurations.

Please provide the logging produced when you enable “pjsip set logger on” (“sip set debug on”, if using the deprecated driver). Redact public addresses, but retain the distinction between them. Keep private addresses (or if you must redact them keep them distinct from public addresses, as well as each other. Upload to the pastebin.freepbx.org server.

Also use “rtp set debug on”, and determine which of the four RTP legs is missing.

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