Voice.google.com sip trunk


How can I use google voice sip trunk in asterisk ?

You cannot. The only way to use a device with Google Voice is with an OBI and if you want to use GV as a gateway then you can create a SIP Trunk between the PBX and the OBI and setup the routing on the OBI.

Can I use FreePBX for GV?

Same question gets the same answer. You need an OBI device as a gateway.


My question is different. I am not using this for my personal use.

I wanted to use voice.google.com sip trunk in freePBX or in Asterisk open source is it possible?

And yet the answer is still the same. With the changes that Google implemented a couple of years ago, there’s no way to connect Asterisk/FreePBX to Google Voice directly. You can ask 100 variations on the question, and the answer will always come back to having to use an OBI as the interface.

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