Vodafone Greece FTTH trunk help


I am a newbie in FreePBX (but a very experienced IT admin) and I am trying to connect my VODAFONE FTTH VOIP to the FreePBX, but so far, I have failed miserably…
I had tried to create CHAN_JPSIP and CHAN_SIP trunks to connect my SIP line to my FreePBX without any success.
The details I got from Vodafone are the following (Masking phone Nbr and password).

IP Address: From DHCP
Mask: /19 ( )
IP Range: -
Default GW:

[email protected] hol net

Using those details, I CAN connect an GRANDSTREAM GXV3275 directly to the Vodafone sip account and make/receive calls normally. So, my username/password are correct. However so far, I was not able to create a working SIP trunk in FreePBX. Can anyone show me how to make a working trunk please?
Thank you.

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Hi @sw1jrt

I think you have SIP Trunk configuration issue. If your Trunks works on Grandsream Should works and on FreePBX. Just you need to setup correctly your Trunks over Vodaphone Proxy Server.

Pls check below links and I hope this links will give you some idea.


Is it possible that Vodafone blocks certain MAC addresses ?
GRANDSTREAM GXV3275 works GR8, but CISCO SPA 509G is not working, both on the same settings and both working on other SIP provider… VERY annoying !!

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