VMX & temporary Greeting -

Good Morning all –

I had an interesting issue last week and after some googling I have found a number of links and discussions dating back to 2008, an what appears to now be broken links to Bug Track entries (probably as a result of the new improved solution.)

I have a FreePBX 2.10 installation with Asterisk 1.8.13 underneath. Prior to closing up Wednesday we set a temporary greeting for the weekend, and discovered that the VMX option to go to the support line stopped working.

I check the setup a few times for “Use When:” an both Busy & Unavil are checked, but there is no box for Temporary.

I started CLI and watch some calls and sure enough when the Temp greeting is present the VMX service is ignored.

Two previous tickets #5821 and #4631 seem to address this although only based on Google searches as I have not yet reviewed the tickets, as I have not found them yet.

Also, below older thread seems to have a solution, but as yet I have not tried to implement it, thought I would ask first if I was missing something or if this was addressed by adding an option to “When Used:” in a latter version than I am currently running ?



You are not missing anything, the VMX locator is still disabled when a temporary greeting is set. We can try to have a look at incorporating that in the next release.

BTW - if you type:


or any other older trac ticket (or for that matter newer jira ticket), it will direct you to the corresponding jira ticket. Unfortunately the mapping has 3 ‘holes’ in it when the conversion took place so it does always map to the same number in jira. The jira system does have a reference in it to the old trac ticket if it was pre-jira, using the old trac link will look that up and redirect you there so that links are not broken.

It would be really nice to get this bug, which seems to have existing since 2008 or 9 fixed. It’s a bit difficult to explain to a client that they can’t use the temporary greeting because of a software defect that’s existed for five years.

Any progress on getting this addressed ?

Just going to put this here: http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-5818

Does that mean it’s fixed, or that it was added to the bugtrack two years ago and nothing has happened since?

Shows as Un-reviewed, Unresolved… in the new issue tracker there is a vote button… vote early and vote often, to get the attention of developers… also it’s an opensource project, and the code is available on GIT, if you work out a solution it’s just a quick post away to getting reviewed and implemented.

This has now been resolved.