VMX Locator with time condition

I am currently using asterisk 1.6 and Freepbx 1.8. I am trying to implement VMX Locator using time condition but cannot figure it out. Maybe there is another way to implement it. Here is what I am trying to do:

Customers call my phone for helpdesk support instead of going to the helpdesk queue. I want to be able for them to press one to go to the helpdesk queue instead of leaving a message. I want this option only during business hours. Is there anyway to implement this?


Yes, possible a couple of ways:

Option 1:

  1. Program your extension to terminate calls to an IVR.
  2. Program the IVR to play a message you record (sounds like a voicemail greeting).
  3. Option 1 on IVR goes to time condition.
  4. Timeout on IVR goes to your voicemail with no greeting played.

Option 2:

  1. Create a Time Condition that goes to Helpdesk Que during the day and not during the night.
  2. Create a Misc Application that assigns a feature code “number” to the Time Condition. i.e. if you dial 55955, you get the Time Condition.
  3. Assign 55955 to option 1 of your VMX locator.

I never created a Misc Application. Any good documentation on creating a Misc Application?