VmX Locater NOT working

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(Rana hashem) #1

I am running Free PBX 15 asterisk 16 and I’m having an issue with the VMX Locator
i create unavailable messages /busy message from soft phone"ex 100" and config vmx and enable find me to “ex 101” .
my issue when i call to extension "100 unavailable " don’t go to VMX locater shes go to Optional Destinations on advanced tab … Any Idea

(Dave Burgess) #2

What are you trying to accomplish?

This “Rube Goldberg” setup you’ve got going is probably doing exactly what it’s supposed to, but I don’t see how this can predictably work.

What are you actually trying to do? We can help you simplify this considerably if you’ll let us, but this doesn’t seem like a workable or supportable solution as it stands.

(Rana hashem) #3

To achieve this script, but when you connect to the “Extension 100” sent me to FindMe Dircatly without entering VMX and he did not see.

(Dave Burgess) #4

OK. That’s not how that’s going to work.

You can’t avoid the cell voicemail if you let the cell phone answer without Call Confirmation. Without it, when the Follow Me to 101 is off-net or powered down, the call immediately goes to the cell phone VM. That’s why it’s there. No amount of looping through VMX is going to help with that.

Set the extension’s destinations appropriately and skip the VMX and you avoid a lot of this madness. If you are desperate to use VMX, set the extension destinations to point to the VMX and go to town, but right now, it appears that your configuration and your map are incongruent.

(Rana hashem) #5

Check this script application on internal extension on the soft phone and not a cell phone.

I mean, I have made VMX on 100 and then call from 102 to 100 extension, but does not show me " unavailable messages" record for 100 extension, but the system sends me to the section.
" Destinsion No Answer " … Is this logical

(Dave Burgess) #6

Yes. The “No answer” location for the phone is set to Voice Mail, not VMX. If you want this to go to VMX, you need to make sure it’s sent there as the “no answer” destination.

(Rana hashem) #7

Do VMX works and messages are not available and go to press1 to follow me ? like this

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