VM Notify Unexpected Behaviour

Is there any way I can get VM notify to leave a copy of the message in the voice mail box? I have transitioned our help desk routine off of our ROLM/Octel Voice Mail/Skype and onto one of our FreePBX systems.

Previously when a voice mail would come into our help desk, we would use the ROLM/Octel system to call two extensions that would ring a notification ringer and we could check the voicemail. When I mimic that with VM Notify, we no longer have a copy of the voice mail to check. This was unexpected as it isn’t noted in the Admin Guide that it moves the message out of the mailbox.

How can I either have VM Notify leave a copy of the message in the mailbox, or mimic the same functionality that I previously had?

No this is not possible. The way it works it has to move it from the mailbox or Asterisk would keep seeing the new message and sending out the notice.

Can the documentation be updated to include that? I wouldn’t have purchased the module had I known that it pulls the messages out of the mailbox.

It has no choice but to move it or asterisk would keep calling you over and over. Its how the scripts in app_voicemail work

That’s the exact functionality I was looking for.