VM Notify problems after upgrade


I just ran the upgrade script for a system bringing it up from 10.13.66-21 to 10.13.66-22. The script upgraded Asterisk to version 13.18.3 and the vmnotify module to 13.0.19 (it of course upgraded a number of other modules also… I think there were 19 or 20 in total). I am not sure what the exact versions were before the upgrade.

VMNotify works for the most part, except now:

  • After the first number is called, the second number does not get called if the the message is not accepted within the timeout period (“Priority Delay” is set to 1 minute)

  • If the first caller hears the message but declines it, there is no FAIL e-mail sent out. This may presumably be because VMNotify is supposed to call through the list before considering it a total FAIL and because the other numbers in the list do not get called it is not given a FAIL status. A SUCCESS e-mail does still get sent out if the first caller accepts the message

This was working perfectly before the upgrade.

Any insight into what the issue could be is appreciated. I believe the “only” issue is that the numbers in the list that have different priorities from the first number do not get called.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same issue here. I had to roll it back to Tested and working.

Yup, that is what I ended up doing as well. Will wait for the next release in which hopefully this bug is fixed.

If there’s no bug reports on these issues there will be no fixes.

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