VM hangup different than a manual hangup?

Specifics: FreePBX in a Vmware VM.
Gateway: Patton 4112 FXO gateway.
What is working - I can call in and out and everything seems to be fine.
What isn’t - If I call in and leave a VM message and then hang up the Patton hold the call open and FreePBX continues to merrily record away.

Can anyone give some hints as to what the difference is between regular calls and VM calls that would be helpful in fixing this issue?

I was able to work around the problem by doing some tweaks in VM admin (maxsilence) but I’m still curious as to the difference in a hangup to VM.

No dirrerenece really, it’s just that on a regular phone call you likely “hangup”, causing a sip message to be sent to the gateway not so much with comedian mail, how will it know?. Generally that will be caused by a mis-configuration of the FXO gateway as to “disconnect supervision” , it MUST be supported on the PSTN line and the gateway must match the signaling provided, so check with your provider as to what they send (if at all) and RTFM from Patton ;-),

It is always a good idea to also add maxmessage = 120 or something like to voicemail.conf also for this and other reasons.


I second that - I was getting 800-scammed by someone that would just record the same loop over and over again so that they could get paid by somebody when I had my max message limit set to 3600 (an hour). I’ve reduced my max voicemail length to 90 seconds, and suddenly, they’re not interested in talking to me in the middle of the night anymore. :wink: