VM Blasting to external numbers or...?


Is there a way to set up a voicemail blast to an external number?

Example: Company has an ‘emergency’ line that people can call and leave a message in regards to their emergency. Then, somehow, the PBX system will call an external number to notify the responders that there is an emergency message to check? Emailing wont work as the responders are not woken up by their emails.

Any notification will work, it doesn’t have to be a voicemail blast or notify. I would prefer it to be free as the company who wants it, wants to try it first.

Any ideas?

I think this may be what you are looking for…

Hmmm… that appears to be a pay product. Do they offer a free trial?

A different approach would be to set up an “extension” for each of your responders that either follows them when their local phone is off (using find-follow) or set up a “Misc Extension” that points to their phone and use that in the extensions list.

That approach is kind of ham-fisted, but would probably work as a start.


What I have done is set up a virtual extension that contains voicemail but also has a prompt to push 2 and attempt to connect to a responder’s (just one) cell phone. Then, at least, that rings their phone; however, I would like to filter out the crap calls that come through who think everything is an emergency and get in the habit of pressing 2 regardless of the state of emergency. That’s why voicemail notification would work really well.