VLAN, virtual interface and routing question

I have a basic setup running good but I have some questions about the networking side of things.

My local subnet is and freepbx is at (eth0). I also created a vlan for my phones with the subnet and freepbx is at (eth0.500), DHCP server of freepbx is enabled for that subnet.

So I’m wondering, does freepbx is supposed to handle the routing for the subnet? Right now freepbx can ping both subnets because it has a leg in each subnets. Can I use as a gateway?



  • As long as the phones are on the same class - you don’t need a GW anyway.
    and your phones should not try and reach any other address then, but even if it did - the freepbx routing table would route it away according to its configuration.


I tried to ping a Google DNS from the freepbx cli like this ;

“ping -I eth0.500”


PING ( from eth0.500: 56(84) bytes of data.
— ping statistics —
13 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 12001ms

Am I missing something?

What are you trying to do? is calling who?
can you setup another phone on the same subnet (vlan) and see if an internal call is working?

Your sip trunk provider (i guess this is why you tried to ping google DNS…) IP - can the freepbx reach it?
does the interface - is its GW is
Is the freepbx default route goes to GW?

Jonathan has GW
Freepbx default GW is

Calls are fine. What I’m trying to confirm is that my phones can connect to the Internet to use XML apps.

I confirmed that the DHCP offer includes the as GW and DNS.

Right now I’m suspecting a switch configuration issue.

Can you ping other devices on 10.10.10.x from the PBX?

yes I can.

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