Visual voicemail from another extension?


I know I’ve done this before but having a brain fart on how…

FreePBX15 distro
D65 Phones configured with EPM & DPMA

I set up a virtual extension 1400 just to be the office voicemail

I want phones 1401 and 1402 to get the notifications for any voicemails in 1400. In extensions > extension settings > advanced I add “,[email protected]” to the Mailbox field.

1401 and 1402 phones now get notified that there’s a vm but when I press the voicemail button on the phone, visual voicemail doesn’t show the voicemails or the other mailbox.

I know I’ve done this before and it worked. Am I missing a setting?

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You may have done it before using the XML phone apps, but I don’t think it’s supported using DPMA phone apps. You can open a support ticket asking for a definitive answer, it will need to get escalated.


You are correct @lgaetz.

Had to go into EPM sangoma template and turn off DPMA phone apps. Thanks!

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