Visual Voicemail FreePBX 15 can not play (error 1109)

Everything works in visual voicemail except actually playing any message. It always errors with

[2022-03-22 13:00:36] [dpmaapps.DEBUG]: dpmaapps: Send Response={“DphoneAppErrorResponseformat”:“json”,“DphoneAppErrorResponsemessage”:“Errorplayingvoicemailmessage”,“DphoneAppErrorResponsecode”:1109,“DphoneAppResponsemethod”:“”,“DphoneAppResponserawBody”:"{“response”:{“method”:“”,“errors”:{“error”:{“code”:1109,“message”:“Errorplayingvoicemailmessage”}}}}",“DphoneAppResponseresponseCode”:200,“DphoneAppResponsecontentType”:“application/json”,“freepbx”:null,“method”:“”} [] []

I can’t find any other record of the play attempt in the any of the logs so I can’t see why it’s erroring and of course the DphoneApp.php is compiled so I can’t see the code to try to make sense of it.

I believe I might know the issue now that I’ve read other issues.

This is maybe something that can be made better in the error message. I believe the issue is that auto answer is disabled on the handset. If I’m correct auto answer is required to play a message thus it’s required for visual voicemail and that should be listed online, in the error or when you enable the feature?

this was not the solution, though I still believe that

Internal Auto Answer and maybe Intercom Mode will be required once I figure out what 1109 error means.

Turns out it needs the REST API module which wasn’t installed, and for some reason isn’t a depends.

Hope this might help others.

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