Visual Voice Mail with Sangoma Talk

We are starting to use Sangoma Talk, and it all works great, except for the Visual VoiceMail.

When I click on it using the iPhone App, I get: “This feature is not enabled, please contact your administrator”

I have been browsing and googling but can’t find what to do to enable it in our Freepbx.

If you can point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it


We’re seeing the same thing on iPhone and Android. We have a case open with Sangoma. If we get it sorted I’ll try to remember and post the solution here.

Update: we got the issue taken care of. The Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Service was disabled on our PBX. Once we enabled that Visual Voice mail worked. System Admin → Port Management

Thank you! I got it working now too!
I went into Port Management like you said, assigned an https port to Restful Apps, and enabled Sangoma Phone Desktop Client Service.

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