Visual Ring notification

I have an old Radio Shack Phone Flasher that I’m using as a visual notification of ringing.

And a Ring Group with 3 members and Ring All strategy, ignore busy agents and terminate to a busy signal.

  1. endpoint 1
  2. endpoint 2
  3. flasher

That ring group is assigned to a DID

When someone calls the DID, the flasher indicates the call and they can answer the call on either endpoint. This works great for 1 and 2 simultaneous calls however on the 3rd simultaneous call the flasher rings but we have no way of answering that 3rd call.

Is there a better way of triggering the flasher? Can I limit the Ring Group to only 2 concurrent calls?

If both E1 and E2 are active, maybe you want to DND the flasher?

There should be a way to make this work.

phones like the sangoma phone support url on ring events. I have mine call a raspi when I am playing with automation stuff.

And the still useful iot type

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