Virtual vs. PJSIP extension

can anyone explain the differences between a virtual and a PJSIP extension. The documentation is not giving any explanation about virtual extensions and their limitations.

Can I connect to a virtual extension with a softphone via SIP (Port 5060/5061)?

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Asterisk and FreePBX use the term extension differently. In Asterisk only things in extensions.conf are extensions, and devices are not constrained to have names reflecting what users dial. In FreePBX, extension is used for local telephone devices and the name in extensions.conf is constrained to be the same as the device name, so, for extensions, there is degeneracy.

A virtual extension is an extension that only exists in extensions.conf and has no one to one correlation with a telephone device, and only reflects the Asterisk definition of extension.

When you dial from a phone, soft or hard, SIP or analogue, you are dialing a number that appears in extensions.conf, i.e. an Asterisk extension. That may correspond to a local telephone device, in which case FreePBX, calls it an extension, and expects the device to have the same name, something like an IVR, in which case it is called a virtual extension, or a range of external numbers, in which case FreePBX uses the term trunk.

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In short: You cannot register a device with a virtual extension. With a PJSIP extension you can.

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