Virtual User Voicemail No Password

Asterisk Version: 16.6.2

I have a very small and simple office looking to add a generic voicemail accessible by all phones, apart from their own direct voicemails. I have created a virtual extension and enabled the voicemail. I want to add it as a BLF on each phone so they know if there is a message, but is there a way to disable requiring the password doing it that way? I know there is the toggle for disabling it from the same extension, but in this case, that won’t apply. I found a field for VM options, but I don’t see any documentation specific to that field or possible options.

Worst case scenario, I can set it to something generic, but if there is a way to bypass it altogether, that would prevent unnecessary lock outs and frustrations on their end.


:man_facepalming: Well I guess there is the option to leave the password field blank. It even warns you when you save without a password.

So simple answer, yes, just don’t type a password.

If external callers can leave a message in this box and they press * during the greeting, they can likely retrieve messages and perhaps even make calls, without a password. If a test shows this problem, it may be avoidable with proper settings.

Ah yes, thank you for bringing this to light. I did verify that the option “Disable (*) in Voicemail Menu” is set to Yes on this. It luckily defaults to this.

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