Virtual Extension versus Custom Device

I’m looking to create a voicemail box as the final destination for a queue. My current thought is to allocate a virtual extension, with voice mail enabled, and point the queue final destination to that voice mail box. I’m having trouble finding a definition for the various extension types, and I’m not positive a virtual extension is what I want. The other option I see is a Custom Device. Any feedback on what might be best is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

A virtual extension will have no type of device connected to it. A custom extension can be programmed to cause the call to be sent to some other device. By putting the sip dial commands in, it could dial a sip device, (but why would you want to do that?). There are a number of different dial commands that can be programmed to send the call to someplace special. I use the custom commands to forward calls to a legacy system.

In any case, you’d probably want to use the virtual extension to set up a mailbox.