Virtual extension call control


If I wanted to queue calls to endpoints on an outside system (cellphone, Panasonic,etc.), it there application that exists that could let me log into an extension in the browser to pause calls (I.e. Take myself in and out of queue?

Alternatively, does anyone have any ideas for a basic way to allow for queue call controls (available and unavailable are all I really need) on an outside endpoint?


Could always use a sip compatible softphone? The Zulu web based client will also do the trick.

Thanks Frank,

Zulu might be exactly what I need.

I think you might be looking for Miscellaneous Destinations, although there are literally a dozen ways to do this.

But how do I fire off the pause command from the external phone? To pause the queue calls on demand?

  • DISA is one choice.
  • Add a softphone to your cell phone, connect to the PBX from wherever you are.
  • There is a web interface to the queue.
  • If you just want to pause one agent, use DND. It’s server-side, so it works for the number, not the extension.

Those are the low-hanging one.

Thanks for the great direction