Virgin server at fails FreePBX 12 upgrade

enabled upgrade module
performed core update
select module admin
blank GUI

can still access via ssh

Amportal a dbug

Refresh page

Paste output.

thanks andrew, I have moved on (back) mostly due to tony’s responses to me via support.

I consider FreePBX a complete disaster at the moment, with module updates removing functionality, paid support doing no support at all, and recommended platforms failing miserably.

I will continue to post issues I run into in the spirit of the community and the hope that they get some attention. I figure that if I posted my dealings in the last 24+ hours trying to keep a system working, I will most certainly be banned very quickly.

I wish I was running a test environment without having to support paying customers to help you guys out, but I am not in that position. I buy paid support knowing I’m overwhelmed, with no results, just my account being drained of $$$ while blames are placed elsewhere. Your support people don’t even act like they care that I’m going to lose my livelyhood.

Sorry for the rant, but you guys are too late to help me after several days.

Wish you luck on your release next week

You choose to run on FreePBX 12. Something that has not been officially released as of yet (still RC).

Something like 2.11 would probably have been better for you to support “paying customers” but that was your choice and I can not defend or argue with it.

I looked through your support tickets and it was a lot of weird things with your provider such as missing swap files, no physical memory, wrong ownership on all freepbx files (owned by root) then there are some responses with our staff being unable to connect to ssh because you did not forward the right ports and then your issue of backup and restore from a FreePBX 12 machine to a new FreePBX 12 machine, not to mention your continued use of FreePBX 12, which really I don’t have a problem with but I would let it settle in stability for a while before I used it in production.

The last response posted today from our support staff was (today):

Dave, I haven’t been able to recreate this reloads seem to be working fine can you confirm if you still have issues and what command you’re running to do the reload?

A total of 30 minutes was billed. There is still an positive balance of 30 minutes.

Seems as though everything is/was working? Maybe I am missing something.

Thanks for taking the initiative to reply, that gives me hope for your future, being the mess things are

Being told my FreePBX system was not actually supported was the last straw,

I did my best to respond, but like I said, Tony pretty much ended my FreePBX support, however I am stuck with a system that will not reload without a reboot,

Which should make you concerned for a release candidate that in my eyes is not even close.

I fired up a virgin hosted server today at the recommended site that has “PreePBX Distro” it won’t even accept a version 12 upgrade. It’s a mess.

You guys should be doing better, especially when support is purchased, and you take the money, so to speak.