Viocemail audio quality is very poor, using Exchange UM

We have a voicemail setup with Exchange UM, with a SIP trunk connected from FreepBX to UM. When the users leaving voicemails, after hearing that has packet drops.

In Exchange server is seems 0 packet drop and MOS value also good, there is no network issue in between the servers. Codec to set to u law.

I do not have access to the Exchange side, but on the FreePBX side, I have this for the SIP trunk settings. This location does not have any quality issues like you are describing.


Almost the same configuration I have in the SIP Trunk to UM.

Sorry, I cannot help with the Exchange side. This is the only client I have using this and they have had it setup for years.

Okay, thanks for your help

Anybody can help me know about how the extensions in FreePBX are finding the Voicemail Systems?

I want to test the voicemails with another Exchange UM, if I am creating one more trunk to new UM will it effect all the users?

This is how I set it up the extensions

Voicemail no on the Voicemail tab

Then on the advanced tab

Just assume, voicemail outbound Route Number is 8888, pointing to Trunk - Exchange UM. IN extension where we can mention this?

I am using - FreePBX

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