Viking Call Box Intercom

Hey all, Viking Technician here!

Hopefully this is the first thing that pops up on Google when you search for Viking E-30-IP (or another similar Viking Model) with FreePBX.

I figured I would organize a list here and hopefully be allowed to update as time continues.
In the Viking IP Programming Software, Press CTRL + SHIFT + V to open up the expanded menu. This shows the inbound and outbound log. Its a good resource if you are having registration issues

If getting “sip error code 0” check to see if units are banned or if the Free PBX intrusion is running. If the intrusion detection was set to not be running and the server Reboots the intrusion can cause our unit to become banned again.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the DTMF signal not being sent or received by the units. To fix this, change the DTMF Method to Inband. If that still gives issues , try cycling through the options until one works.

FreePBX uses Asterisk as a special key in their system causing door entry to be a little tricky since our default relay activation code is “**”. In the Viking IP Programming software, you may need to change the relay activation code to something else like “00”

A LOT of issues can be solved by enabling “In-Band Call Audio Progress” in the Viking IP Programming Software

As always if you run into any issues or if the above doesn’t work, you can call our product support line at 715-386-8666 or submit a ticket on our website at vikingelectronics .com


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