Viewing Asterisk logfiles doesn't work with Firefox 89.0.2 (Linux Mint 19.3)

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I cannot view the Asterisk logfiles (freePBX GUI) anymore. It seems to be an incompatibility with Firefox 89.0.2 (Linux Mint). If I use a different browser, it works. Unfortunately, I just upgraded my freePBX server from 14 to 15 and initially thought the upgrade broke something. Yet…it turned out, it’s a browser issue. Just to let you know…

Here are some screenshots:


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Please submit a bug report:

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Problem is…it seems to work with Firefox on MacOS. It is a different freePBX server though…but same freePBX version and module version.
So maybe it is a Firefox problem, which shows up just on Linux Mint 19.3?

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ok…now I am pretty sure…this is a Linux (Mint 19.3) bug. Interestingly, it can display the Asterisk Logs of a freePBX-14 system, but not of a freePBX-15 GUI. It happened after I updated Linux Mint 19.3 (including Firefox).
So if this doesn’t show up on other Linux distros, it is not a freePBX bug…no bug report required so far :wink:

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