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I have just setup FreePBX for one of my customers in a very basic way. Inbound route > time condition > ring group or voicemail. I was wondering if it’s possible to get a visual of this route so I can get an overview of what routes a call might follow. This might be handy when the system gets more ellaborate.

It is not what you are asking for, but what we do is write each step of the call into the UsrField in the CDR. When we run a CDR for the calling number we quickly see the path the call took.

Take a look at these, as they may be closer.

Interesting, how?

lots of custom dialplan :slight_smile: We mainly use FreePBX for “bolt on” call treatments for our Avaya box. Things like Call back assist, caller verification, spam control. Since none of the modules did exactly what we wanted, we built them from scratch. Then liberally sprinkled in alot of Verbose() and SetCDRUserField at each major milestone or decision point.

It added a couple of hours to the development side (going back in and adding at the milestones), but saves several times that on a reoccurring basis as now reporting and troubleshooting are so much faster. Pull a CDR and look at the UsfField. Or tail a log at verbose 0 and just watch it hit each step until it fails or completes.

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I’m not trying to track specific calls, but possible call flows, for example:

CID > timegroup (yes) > ring group
CID > timegroup (no) > voicemail

Not exactly its intended function, but building in Node Red would give you a visual of the call flow. I am unaware of any software that builds you a flow diagram.

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