Videos of Training Seminars

Philippe and the rest of the FreePBX gurus,

I would love to be able to purchase either a DVD (I recognize the piracy concerns) or online streaming video access of taped Open Telephony Training Seminar sessions. I understand that these would need to be quite expensive, and wouldn’t be as good as being there, but I’m interested nonetheless. Any plans for such a product?

Thanks for all your hard work, guys!

We have not yet determined our plans with with the Videos at this point.

Any idea as to which part of the country the next training (after May in Vegas) will be?

it’s too early to say for sure, we will look at the demographics of where people came from on this one like we did the last time, and then ask as well and see what people say.

Just my input… I would love to at least have access to some audio from the Charleston seminar. (I had bought my digital recorder but it didn’t work well enough.) Again, I understand the reasoning behind wanting to keep this media out of circulation.

  • Bobby