Video Tutorial - Postfix fix

Hi there,
Is there a video tutorial on how to setup Postfix in FPBX 14
I have tried the manual/written instruction but knowing little to nothing about Linux I fear I have not followed them correctly.
Even if I can get some “dumb Donald” instructions that might help.
Thanks in advance

Can you link the guide you followed?

Hi PitzKey,
Thanks for your interest and help.

The link is:

Most of this seems OK however I didn’t run “post hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd” as I didn’t know how within WinSCP
Also I have not competed “C” as I don’t understand it…Is it necessary?

Perhaps I should consider purchasing the Sangoma email module

So you basically didn’t follow the guide… Try using putty and WinSCP at the same time to make it easier pasting the commands