Video Ports

Hi, I am hoping someone can help

We have a newly build FreePBX Server which is running fine and handles various voice calls for around 30 extensions. We also have two dedicated video PC’s running BRIA3. One based on site with the FreePBX Server on a 40mb Fibre broadband, the other off site connected to a dedicated Annex M ADSL connection.

The video quality is terrible, basically unusable. Our firewall manages 3 internet connections so we have VOIP policy that passes all UDP 5060 single port and 10’000 - 20’000 port range through to the dedicated Fibre broadband which is 40Mb. The remote site just has the video PC plugged straight into a NAT ADSL Router so nothing else shares this connection.

Because of the quality problem that we have I was wondering if video uses different ports and therefore it’s not using the dedicated connections as everything suggests it should all work great.

Thanks in advance

Does anyone use Video via Asterisk? If not and you use something else please let me know as no one seems to have any info.