Video Phones From One FreePBX Server to Another

I have two FreePBX servers on two different networks that currently communicate through the existing IAX2 route that we set up. We have recently been asked to set up Yealink T58A video phones and they work great while on the same server. However, we cannot get video to from PBX1 to PBX2 - although audio works just fine. We enabled video on both servers using: Settings >Asterisk SIP Settings > Video Codecs > Enable and also in the IAX which is Settings > IAX Settings > Codec Settings > Video > Enable. Still video will not pass through. Does anyone know where to go from here?

There was a thread on here a couple of months ago that makes this sound familiar.

I don’t remember the full solution, but it had something to do with the IAX2 link not negotiating the Video Codec correctly. IIRC, you have to list the video codecs first for the servers to agree on them. I’m thinking that, even though your video codecs are enabled, IAX2 will settle on the first one that matches on the two legs.

The problem might have also had something to do with a codec mismatch between IAX2 and SIP, although I don’t remember if that was a real thing, or a red herring from troubleshooting.

I may be mis-remembering, so only try that if you aren’t in the middle of a calling effort.

Thank you for replying. I just checked in the respective systems - h264 and mpeg4 are the only two codecs checked in both SIP and IAX for video. They match. I would really love to get this issue solved. Been at this for a week. Thank you for your input. If you can think of anything else please let me know. I also forgot to mention that I do have port 4569 UDP on both routers open for IAX traffic.

hi dan
please provide what debug you can of the behavior in a ticket for the team to review at

i see an internal issue opened by one of our support engineers that looks similar … ill look for yours and link the two

contact michael directly on your issue opening a ticket with that deployment , i believe we see the issue and can help with that

Chris - I contacted Michael H from Digium - so that may be what you are seeing. I told him I have been trying different forums to try to get to the bottom of this. Perhaps that is what you are seeing. Thought maybe someone on here had some knowledge and ran across the same issue.

It is most likely something missing from the trunk config. If you do need to engage with support please get with the owner of the deployment so they can get some type of ticket opened. Strictly speaking, getting Yealink video phones working is a paid support issue(out of scope.) However, as Chris alluded to, we can offer some direct advice and help for the specific issue of video through pjsip trunks. Just have whomever to mention Robert Keller in the ticket and I will get the ball rolling.

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