Video calls through FreePBX ?


After having used FreePBX during years, I have switched away at 3CX but thinking to come back on FreePBX. I have few questions about it:

→ is it possible to do video calls with it ? (internal only). I have a door intercom Fanvil i62 and I’d like to be able to receive video of it on my local phones connected at FreePBX and be able to dial a code to trigger the relay of the Fanvil device. Is it possible too ?
→ is there an official app for mobile ? or should I use the Sangoma Talk one ? I remember in past that client app on mobile was the main source of problem and issues :frowning:
→ which SBC should I use for FreePBX ? Do I use the Sangoma one ?

Thanks for help :wink:


Video is supported, but not as early media, and at least one Fanvil user wants to see the acller before they answer.

Sangoma define what is official!

You don’t have to use an SBC.

sorry but may you go more in details ? as I don’t understand what you explained in your message :frowning:

and so ?

Really ? my FreePBX system will be hosted in a datacenter but phones will be behind a consumer fiber internet access !

Early media is media sent before the call is ansnwered.

Given Sangoma define what is official, the official solution will always be the Sangoma product.

You didn’t provide the information about your topology, but, in any case many people use FreePBX without an SBC in such an environment, and I can’t see why one would be necessary. The main likely problem with your topology is likely to be carrier grade NAT, and I don’t think an SBC can do any better than Asterisk with that (actually some people probably use Asterisk as an SBC).

You don’t NEED it. 3cx has their own SBC to install at the client side to overcome firewall issues, but that is not a requirement when it comes to Asterisk/FreePBX.

thanks for clarifications and yes it’s not a problem then :wink:

None CGNAT here, I have a direct IPV4/6 connection here with public routed IP address on my router. So something like 30 phones connected at a remote FreePBX system won’t be a problem ?
Also I wanted to use SBC in case internet connection is down to allow still local calls inside the house. No way to do that with FreePBX ?

Thanks for your help :wink:

The obvious solution to internet failure is to put FreePBX inside the house, although you may need to work on its DNS. Whether you even need FreePBX in the cloud depends on whether it can route to destinations other than the isolated extensions.

Unhappy FreePBX inside the house means external people trying to call when Internet is down will get a no-route call which is not good at all (better to get a voicemail stating you are unreachable for now and let a message or try again later !).
Also if FreePBX is on internet it means it can still be used with mobile users and/or ones not in house :wink: but then my problem is to be sure “local” calls (inside the house including gate one) are still usable locally so my question about SBC :wink:

Put FreePBX in both places.

You mean a FreePBX in local at customer and one on internet ? but how does it work together ?
The internet one will be just a forwarder for the local one ? and voicemail if local one is down/unavalaible ?

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