Video Calling and Conference

I was looking and I didn’t see any current information on video phones.

Can I take a VVX601 with a camera and call other people with a VVX601 and share my video, like a cell phone?

Can you do a video conference with 2 remote users?

What do people use to video conference a group of video endpoints? Atlassion

Asterisk doesn’t natively support video conferencing, it will pass-through some codecs that perhaps jitsi can manage

I’ll give it a try, but it looks like a way to get audio callers to enter a Jitsi bridge. But Jitsi is all about video so maybe it will work. I just ordered some video phones to test with. (2) VVX601 with the Eagle Eye camera. I hope this works. I’m expecting it to work like my Samsung S10 phone calling another Samsung. But getting the 30 person video conference, on one screen all using VVX601 connected to a FPBX is my goal.

Good luck, it’s an ambitious aim, I got three maybe four working once but there are so many other options available now that do it so much better than I, and some are way cheaper in both cost and time :wink:

The only current open source & free MCU I know of is freeswitch. If you don’t need MCU (you can work with SFU or follow-talker video) then Asterisk is all you need.

Man, that’s a deep rabbit whole. I’m downloading the FreeSwitch now. I guess I will spin it up and check it out.

(A quick start cheat,

The Asterisk/Digium teams would disagree with that since they use video conferencing via ConfBridges and WebRTC clients. So yes, Asterisk has native support for video conferencing.

Tom do you use the video conferencing on the FPBX?

How does it work?

How many people can you get on the screen at one time?

Personally? No, I haven’t messed with it because there’s no demand from the user base for it. I do know that ConfBridge’s support video thus video conferencing.

So, how in god’s green acre does “ConfBridge’s support video” in any practical fashion, where does the canvas magically appear? and how do all the participants view it?

(Knowing something generally pre-supposes actual experience, no?)

ConfBridge acts as an SFU, that is it creates multiple streams to each client and forwards video[1]. It’s up to the client to present them in a fashion as it sees fit. It does not do mixing or present a single unified video stream of everyone. There’s other blog posts as well[2][3].



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‘great start. A solid foundation has been established’

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