VI Module configuration or just setup IP configuration

We are moving back to VoIP Innovations. Was going to use the FreePBX VI module for configurating VI endpoints mapped to FreePBX instances. Using the module means all DIDs have to have inbound CNAM. We tend to have lots of clients that have many DIDs that are not used. We have one client with 300 DIDs and only 25 have traffic - but they want the “unused” DIDs because they are contiguous. Having these unused DIDs now cost us an extra $.55 / DID / month for inbound CNAM that is not being used. This one client alone would cost us $150 / month. We have several like this.

If I configure Endpoints to IP authentication in VI, rather than use the module, I know that SMS will not work. Are there other considerations I am missing that make the VI Module a more feature rich experience versus only doing IP based authentication? Will more integrations depend on the module in the future?

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