Very urgent problem on production server

Hello all !

I have a very urgent problem on a production server:

I just update FrePBX to v. 2.4.1 (elastix 1.1), and several bugs were solved. But now I have a huge problem : absolutly no call is put through, they all finish on the mailbox ! And if the extension has no mailbox, than it says that the person is not available (an x-lite message).

Please help me if you have any idea what this is !

Thanks !


Remove and recreate an inbound route and test.

Watch the CLI and look for errors.

Hello Cosmicwombat,

thanks for your concern !

In fact this problem appears also for internal calls, and even when I call on ring groups or queues: The thing is really that none of the extensions are available.
I’m a beginner with the asterisk world (and linux by the same time :-). Could you be so kind and tell me what is the CLI and how I may get access to it?


In fact, I got the solution :

Thanks again for your help !