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Im new in this world of FreePBX so I need some help,

  1. why in the FreePBX 16 setup is recommended Asterisk 16 instead of 18?
  2. is there exists some problem using the Asterisk 18 version?
  3. is there a difference between Asterisk 18 base code and FreePBX 16 in terms of how many calls can handle and all that stuff?

Thank you for your help.

The Asterisk base code cannot handle any calls. It needs to be configured, typically with a dialplan. FreePBX provides such a dialplan, but it is a very long and complicated one, so it would be possible to handle a higher call attempt rate if you provided your own simplified dialplan. That’s not normally an issue, but I do remember one case where someone using Asterisk on its own was generating so many calls that the machine ran out of power when just one extra dialplan line was added to a very short one.

I think the main performance impacts of FreePBX are in terms of call attempt rates, because of the size and complexity of its diaplans, and in media throughput, particularly because it tends to monitor media for DTMF, so media nearly always has to flow through it. However, hand constructed dialplans could achieve the same complexity, or involve slow running operations, and hand designed configurations may also not allow effective use of direct media.

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Both Asterisk 16 and 18 are currently supported LTS versions. 16 is the more mature and is the natural recommendation, but go ahead and use 18 if you prefer. There is not much to recommend one over the other right now.

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