Version Issue with upgrade

Hello All,

I’m trying to upgrade a 1.815.210.58-1 distro version, which I verified from /etc/schmooze/pbx-version.
Logically I’m supposed to run, however it failed.
In the process I edited the script to see what it was checking for and it wants to verify that the current version is /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version, which is of course is not matching.

A little more research shows:

How can I insure what version I’m really running in order to get this upgraded to the latest of this track.


You have to run all the updates in order.

This is one of the advantages is sysadmin Pro, it does this for you. I won’t install a system without it.


Yes, I’m very familiar with the process, having done several, but never had one which failed.
This system was updated in the past as released but we hadn’t done any updates in a months.
Now I’m trying to get a safe way to move forward.

Reinstall as the Centos 5 stuff is 2 plus years old and has no upgrade beyond 5 and FreePBX 2.10

Hi Tony,

I wasn’t thinking of re-installing the old distro.
I was going to go through the additional upgrades to prepare to follow the path to get them to Centos 6, 64 bit and distro 5.x.
So I needed to go to 1.818.210.58-1, then backup and restore to 2.210.62 on another box. Once there, I just upgrade all the way through to 5.211.65-1 and of course take that to the current version.
Don’t I need to get to 1.818.210.58-1 to switch over safely to 2.x?
Is there a shorter path or different path I should be looking at?
I know we need to upgrade each step in order to have no issues, I have done this on a few servers.