Version confusion

My Dashboard says: FreePBX
My SysAdmin says: 6.12.65-32 and "No Updates"
My Module Admin says 13. for my modules.

Please, where am I?

You are in a black hole. you took a FreePBX Distro 6.12.65 system and manually upgraded the GUI to 13 so now your distro and FreePBX version do not match.

The wiki here outlines how to keep your Distro up to date. You can not use sysadmin to go between major track versions

Thanks. If I remember correctly, I tried to go to 13 and ended up reloading my 6.12.65 image and deciding to chill for awhile. Need to give it another go. :relieved:

If I remember correctly, going to 13 resulted in OSS Endpoint problems.

Will I run into the same problem if I upgrade to 13 or above. Is this true?

I am considering loading the v13 distro and doing a restore of my current backup. Are there any settings that the backup does not save?

My system (as described above) is running with V13 modules including “Backup”. Will I have to manually re-enter anything following a restore?


You would have to look at your backup to know what it saves, you can choose what is part of the backup…

Good luck and have a nice day!


And if I have chosen everything, does it save everything? Every setting, every module?


I could be wrong but it looks like even if you took everything (and I don’t mean just the template Full backup which excludes voicemail and recordings), it looks like none of the templates provided include the recordings and that you would need to add the appropriate folders manually…

The settings themselves are only part of the things that can be backed up, CDR, custom sounds, music on hold, voicemail and recordings are also things you would most likely want to backup. The templates seem to include all of these with the notable exception of recordings…

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A. Not sure what the term “Recordings” refers to. Are you referring to voicemail announcements, extension no answer announcements, or what?

B. The core question is do the v13 settings backup include 100% of the settings for the pbx or are any of the possible custom/additional setting options not captured? If not, I need to document the missed settings and manually re-enter them. This is probably a Sangoma staff question.


The template called “Full backup” does not include voicemails or recordings and I believe it doesn’t includes announcements either…

You can had those separately from other templates…

By recordings I mean when you record a call…

It does seem to pick up things such as extensions_custom.conf where you might have added custom configs…

I did have to restore a backup at one time on my test system and all the configs seemed to be there…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thanks for your help.

You can add any directory or specific file you want to the tarball, you also have pre_ and post_ ,_backup and _restore scripts if you need to be clever (put them in /var/lib/asterisk/bin/ for convenience) , the __AST*__ place holders are references into your /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file, SO __ASTSPOOLDIR__ would have all your monitor files and voicemails __AMPVARLIBDIR__/sounds/(language)/custom, all your custom audio files.

edited and clarified when not on my droid, thanks for pointing that out @Marbled :slight_smile:

A commplete list of locations

astetcdir => /etc/asterisk
astmoddir => /usr/lib/asterisk/modules
astvarlibdir => /var/lib/asterisk
astdbdir => /var/lib/asterisk
astkeydir => /var/lib/asterisk
astdatadir => /var/lib/asterisk
astagidir => /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
astspooldir => /var/spool/asterisk
astrundir => /var/run/asterisk
astlogdir => /var/log/asterisk
astsbindir => /usr/sbin

remember that the backup system runs under the asterisk user so won’t have access to your whole FileSystem

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As dicko mentioned when you add your own directories (it’s funny, I seem to have forgotten to mention you could add your own), you have access to (at least) the following variables (which are used by the templates by the way):


The placeholders actually have underscores on each side which is probably what dicko wrote but the forum converted the underscores to bold.

You can also combine the placeholders with folder names, this is what the voicemail template does amongst others.



Good luck, have a nice day and you are welcome!