Verify IAX behavior with a ring group


I wanted to confirm the ring group behavior over IAX.
If I create a ring group on PBX-1, which includes extensions on both local and remote PBX like so:
Is there ever a circumstance that the remote voicemail should pick up?
In theory ring group says if not answered go to local voicemail, but not experiencing that.

The # extensions would need ‘confirm’ enabled.

Alternatively, make sure the remote system’s ring timer is higher than your local ring group’s timer. If you have the remote system set to divert to voicemail at 20 seconds, have your ring group ring for only 15 seconds.

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This solution can be a problem with cell phones at the other end of a # that are currently ‘unavailable’, they will effectively immediately automatically answer.

So if confirm is not enabled, then the call would be picked up by any of the extensions voicemail, or if an extension is unluckily not registered at the moment, immediately go to that extensions voicemail?

That is only a problem with # endpoints where the ‘time to answer’ is out of your control.

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Thanks everyone!

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