Verified Caller ID [V] only showing Number and not Actual Name

I have some calls coming in showing the [V] on the caller Id name but it is not showing the actual name of the person calling in, but only [V] and the calling number as the name. I know this is cause of the Verified Caller id that is starting to show up. my incoming carrier is SIPStation, I wasn’t sure if I needed to start with them as I have always been told Caller Id lookup originates with the receiving carrier, or is it a config issue on the pbx setup end. I know that Caller Id is working as the calls that does not have the [V] is showing names like it always did.

Your provider is prepending the [v]. I would say this is a bug on their end.

The [V] should be interpreted as ‘Verified’ by your carrier after they comply with new legislation , Your channel ‘debug’ might indicate a new need to filter that out if using some sort of ‘lookup’ that is incompatible. It is also possible that your carrier will not verify an arbitrary CallerID name , again the SIP log will clarify.

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