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Vega50 "No Channel Available"

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I have a Sangoma Vega50 connected to 2 ISDN lines, so 4 concurrent total calls.

We are using it with FreePBX.

Both inbound and outbound calls works good, but we can use only one channel per BRI. For example:

  1. I make an inbound call to the BRI1 number, IVR answers
  2. I make an inbound call to the BRI2 number, IVR answers
  3. I try to make an outbound call to any external number, I get congestion

I enabled debug on Vega50 (I am attaching the entire log during the 3 concurrent calls), and the third call is getting “SIP/2.0 500 No Channel Available” error. So it seems that only one channel is working on each BRI.

Could you help me please?

Thank you very much.

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