Vega Gateway Manager - IP X.X.X.X is not a Vega Gateway error

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I just installed a new install of FreePBX v15.0.16.72. Pulled an old Vega 60 off the shelf and did a factory reset and firmware update to VegaARM_R120S013. Go to Vega Gateway Manager and type in the IP address and Admin credentials and I get the error “IP= X.X.X.X is not a Vega Gateway. please recheck IP or network connectivity.” All my network settings are OK. I can get into the Vega Gateway via browser. Any ideas?

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Upon further investigation I see that the Vega Gateway Manager has an error “TFTP Service for Vega Configuration is not running…” Looking for solutions now…

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Got it to work. Apparently the default setup for FreePBX is to have TFTP disabled. I had to change disabled = yes to disabled = no in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp . OK to close this. I do not have the paid version of Sysadmin on my FreePBX.

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