Vega Gateway Manager - IP X.X.X.X is not a Vega Gateway error

I just installed a new install of FreePBX v15.0.16.72. Pulled an old Vega 60 off the shelf and did a factory reset and firmware update to VegaARM_R120S013. Go to Vega Gateway Manager and type in the IP address and Admin credentials and I get the error “IP= X.X.X.X is not a Vega Gateway. please recheck IP or network connectivity.” All my network settings are OK. I can get into the Vega Gateway via browser. Any ideas?

Upon further investigation I see that the Vega Gateway Manager has an error “TFTP Service for Vega Configuration is not running…” Looking for solutions now…

Got it to work. Apparently the default setup for FreePBX is to have TFTP disabled. I had to change disabled = yes to disabled = no in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp . OK to close this. I do not have the paid version of Sysadmin on my FreePBX.

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