Vega 60G FXO not sending DTMF tones to external IVR's after call is connected

This is my first Vega Gateway that I have worked with. I have a Vega 60G 4 port FXO gateway. I can make and receive phone calls. However when I call an external IVR it will not pass any DTMF tones. DTMF tones can be received over gateway, just not sent. I used wireshark to confirm my freepbx was generating the tones. I can not find anything in the documentation about this. My apologies if this is not in the correct forum.

Vega 60Gv2

The Vega has many DTMF-related parameters. What changes (if any) from factory defaults have you made, and why? If the Vega is connected to other than copper lines fed from a central office, please explain (cable MTA, fiber ONT, etc.). What country is the Vega in? If the codec from PBX to Vega is other than ulaw or alaw, provide details.

What did you observe with Wireshark? Correctly formatted RFC4733 packets in the RTP stream? Inband audio tones in the RTP stream, with suitable amplitude and duration?

Assuming a pjsip trunk, try setting DTMF Mode to RFC4733. Also try with DTMF Mode set to Inband.

Do you have a way to listen on an analog line while attempting to send DTMF? The tones may be going out, but with an incorrect level or duration.

The Test Call has functions useful for tracking down unreliable DTMF transmission. Unfortunately, you need to press # to reach the main menu and 2 or 8 to reach the desired test, so it’s not useful if DTMF isn’t working at all. See

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Stewart1 , Thank you for your reply.Once I set the DTMF Mode to Inband it started working. Thanks for your help!!

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