Vega 60G Bri ports

I have a Vega 60G with 4 Bri interfaces - it is linking a cloud instance of freepbx to a Panasonic KXTDE 100 via 4 Bri ports on the Panasonic. Periodically (sometimes daily) one or two of the Bri ports becomes disconnected. A reboot of the Vega gateway does not cure this, but if i log in to the vega with the web gui, go into Bri port setup, untick the NT box, save and save - then go back in, tick the NT box, save and save they come up. BTW as of Sunday i am on the latest firmware but this was happening long before the upgrade.
Any help would be appreciated as i am having to log in daily to check if all ports are up.
Thank you.

I’d definitely contact Sangoma tech support about this. Sounds like a problem of some sort.

Matthew Fredrickson

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