Vega 50 configuration - Call does not release when far end drop the call


I am using Sangoma Vega 50 gateway to connect my SIP extension to my IP phone.
However, I have tried to set the FXO POTS hardware profile but the FXO port cannot detect far end drop.

Can anyone advice on which setting to be adjusted ?
Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Clint Wong.

Far end drop detection depends on your POTS provider. If they provide a method for disconnect supervision, like polarity reversal or current drop, then you just have to enable that feature in your Vega device. On the contrary, if your provider doesn’t provide any type of disconnect supervision, you will have to configure busy tone detection so when the far end drops the call, the Vega device will listen to the tone that is played and use it to detect that the call has ended and proceed to drop it.