Vega 50/60 911 Call Preemption

In the Admin Guide for the Vega 50/60, I see that ongoing calls can be preempted (“Executive Interrupt”) if the phone sends the appropriate Resource-Priority header. However, the Yealink phones we are using apparently don’t support this RFC. Is there any other way to preempt normal calls if an emergency call is received? Thanks!!

The Vega isn’t communicating with the phone (unless you aren’t using FreePBX), the Vega is talking to FreePBX.

Having said that - Yes, absolutely. Adding additional headers in an Emergency Dial Plan should be simple. I’m not sure where yet, but it should be dead simple. In fact, this might warrant a Feature Request, if you can figure out how to word the request so it could be applied to other ATAs…

Do you mean emergency dialplans on the Vega? If so, how do you configure that? The phones have emergency dialplans but that only affects which device is used for 911 calls.

I have the phones registering to both our main server and the Vega device concurrently. When the main server is unreachable, they use the Vega for access to our POTS lines. Granted, that doesn’t happen often, but I want to avoid any emergency call not going through because the POTS lines are in use.

So, I was hoping the phones would use the Resource-Priority header and the Vega would know to preeempt any calls in progress if necessary, but they don’t send out that header, even when using the emergency dialplan. The admin guides for the phones also don’t list RFC 4411 or 4412 as “supported”.

Just checking to see if there was a way for the Vega to preempt calls with TEL:911?

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