Variables in the Voicemail Admin module

I need to set varialbes in the “Voicemail Admin” module, but they are not taking, as I would expect them to from the configuration files I am used to editing. Does this interface take variables, and if so, what are they? If it doesn’t, how do I customize voicemails?

Please reread your message and ask yourself, how could I answer this question?

You need to post:

1 - FreePBX version
2 - Voicemail Admin module version
3 - Variables you are trying to set
4 - Clarification if you are trying to set them on a global or for one voice mail box

Voicemail is at, not sure if that correlates to the voicemail admin version or not; it isn’t explicitly listed in the modules page.

I’ve tried to set every variable that would normally be configured in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf:

Voicemail Body: You have a message from ${MVM_CALLERID}, as of ${MVM_DATE} (${MVM_DUR})
Voicemail Subject: New voicemail from ${MVM_CALLERID}

The message is received without these variables. Using the default configuration, everything was passing fine. I am setting these globally.

Thanks for the response.

To be clear, here is the output when using the above parameters:

Subject: New voicemail from
Body: You have a message from , as of ()

The variables just aren’t there. Any help is appreciated…

I really need this working, has ANYONE had a similar experience? Can I jsut remove the voicemail admin module?


Thanks, just saw that!