Validation method for incoming calls

I’m thinking of create a validation method. When a person receives a call, asterisk calls that extension, asking the user to enter the password. If the password is correct, asterisk bridge the call to the user. Else the call goes straight to the voicemail box.

I’m stuck because I don’t know how to bridge the call. Perhaps creating a call parking lot, where the call goes directly to such lot first. Can someone give me the general idea how to solve this problem? Please share your thought … Thanks

I solved my issue with something like what you are trying to do. See this post:

Thank you for posting the solution. However it won’t work in my case since what I’m trying to do is the opposite of what you solved. In my case, the person who receiving the call (i.e callee) must enter the code to validate rather than the caller in your case.

More than likely you would have to do an extremely custom context where the call is parked, the system generates a call to the extension where it would do an authenticate, and then join the call to the parked call. Just a guess really.